Core Values

Our Core Values help this church stay true to who we are as a 110+ year-old movement!  We are blessed to have a rich heritage as a people engaged in Christian ministry here in Everett.  And we are constantly drawing from our past to become the best church we can be for the present.  Here is our best summary of the values (and verbs) that make us who we are today.  We value:
  • Accepting one another as equals in order to more fully reflect the unconditional love of God for all of humanity.
  • Connecting across generational, ethnic, and societal boundaries in order to experience more fully the multi-faceted family of God.
  • Involving people in groups which learn, serve, and grow together in order to live out God’s calling in our shared lives.
  • Centering our lives on God through passionate prayer, communal Bible study, and heart-felt worship in order to move increasingly closer to God.
  • Reaching beyond our own comfort zones to positively affect the lives of our neighbors with the Good News of Jesus.
  • Giving generously of our focus, skills, and resources in order to share with others the way God has blessed us.
  • Relating with one another in personal, authentic, and transformational ways in order to see a multiplication of people who are deepening in maturity as followers of Jesus.